Rev. Burton Barr, Jr., Associate Minister
West Side Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Burton Barr, Jr. has served as one of the associate ministers of the West Side Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Bobo, Sr. since 1994. He is a member of the senior staff and serves as Director of the Prison, Substance Abuse, and Outreach Ministries.

He also serves as Director of Prison Ministry for the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Missouri, and the Berean Missionary Baptist District. He is Commissioner of Prison Ministry for the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc., and Chairman of the St. Louis Clergy Coalition’s Law and Order Committee. He is a member of the Coalition of Prison Evangelist (C.O.P.E.), the Eastern Missouri Coalition To Abolish The Death Penalty, and the Missionary Baptist Ministers Union of St. Louis & Vicinity.

Rev. Barr is the author of the bestselling autobiography, “The Hoodlum Preacher,” which is currently being developed into a film.  He preaches and teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in jails and prisons all over the state of Missouri and in many parts of the country. He also preaches and lectures at churches, youth rallies, and youth revivals in an effort to keep our young people from ending up in the prison system. He has been certified by the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Missouri’s “Congress of Christian Education” to teach prison ministry classes. Rev. Barr has published three other books,  "Amazing Grace: The Storm Is Passing Over", "He's Only A Prayer Away" and "God Still Loves You".

He is a native of Chicago, IL. and is currently a student at St. Louis Christian College majoring in Christian Ministry. He is the husband of Charlotte Anne Barr, and is a proud father and grandfather.